Great plans for Jessie

Debian Jessie (Linux Debian 8.0) is coming out in a few days, and we have big plans to make it easy for you to try it out and use it, we have been distributing DVDs for a long time (For those with slow limited connections to the internet), now it is time for more, This time, we are not only distributing the installers on USB flash thumb drives (we will still deliver DVDs, but now you have more options), we are making it easier than ever to replace your laptop with a USB pen drive. Just download the image, dump it on your flash stick, and boot any computer from it, learn more here

Web design

BuildCube knows that good content should be presented in good looking packages.

Detail is what separates good looking designs from great looking designs, BuildCube takes care of every little detail to make sure the design you use is inline with the quality you produce.

A web presence is first noticed by the way it matches the essence of your company. Looks have and will always be a fundamental element in any website identity. BuildCube manages to create web-designs that best matches the notion of good quality website designs. These designs happen to combine both satisfying looks and functions compatibility. Our Web Designing team takes in professional skills to deliver eye catching designs that are innovative, unique, and compatible with the web standards.