Great plans for Jessie

Debian Jessie (Linux Debian 8.0) is coming out in a few days, and we have big plans to make it easy for you to try it out and use it, we have been distributing DVDs for a long time (For those with slow limited connections to the internet), now it is time for more, This time, we are not only distributing the installers on USB flash thumb drives (we will still deliver DVDs, but now you have more options), we are making it easier than ever to replace your laptop with a USB pen drive. Just download the image, dump it on your flash stick, and boot any computer from it, learn more here


BuildCube formerly known as MIDMAR served and serves hundreds of clients, from web hosting clients, to email clients, to businesses that want it done A to Z, BuildCube also takes the not so typical not so trivial projects, complex systems and big websites, here is a sample of some of our challenges.


When JordanSun asked for a library management system that will give them edge over their competitors both in terms of SEO and in terms of utility, BuildCube delivered, giving them tools not available anywhere else to build, promote and organize there business directory, JordanSun now has over 50 thousand listed businesses in there directory.

The JordanSun directory employs a staff of a few people, while JordanSun's main competitors employs hundreds, yet, JordanSun is one of the main competitors for a good reason.

JordanSun employs BuildCube's efficient system to create links between categories and entries so that every entry can have multiple paths, and every entry can connect to any other entry, a system where data integrity is safe, and the system is accurate.

Relationships are built in a simple, effective, and time efficient manner, saving the need for manpower and resulting in an easy to navigate website for both search engines and humans..

Stats Infinity and PoloDomains

When POLODOMAINS asked for a system that can organize the entire domain name space to facilitate finding valuable and worthy expired domains, and to maintain an up to date database, they had a small tool in mind, but BuildCube decided to give them more, a system that allows the investigation of any domain name, of any webmaster, of any domain name owner, and more.

Tools developed by BuildCube integrate over 100 million domain names into a database every day so that information visitors obtain from the website are up to date, visitors are served from a database of almost a billion records, organizing domain names by words and keywords.

So when BuildCube wants to find a new domain name for a client, we reach for the tools we developed to find that killer domain name.

Live Universe

BuildCube / Midmar built and maintained for LiveUniverse for many years, where LyricsAndSongs made it to ALEXA.COM top 1000 at rank 800, LyricsAndSongs received around half a million unique visitors per day.

Addustour Newspaper

Addustour is a daily news paper, the first paper newspaper in Jordan, When addustour wanted to update their website, they had a few things in mind that applied to daily newspapers, while having other concerns regarding the papers online advntage, today, addustour maintains a website that is easy to update, integrates into their paper publishing system, allows updates for developing stories before they make it to the paper, and looks great

Observer's Gate

The Observer's gate website is a political analysis portal for the middle east, given the small team of non technical people running it, the website needed to focus on simplicity, Based on a modified wordpress, the website was security hardened and modified to maintain the simplicity of wordpress, while giving the maintainers infinate flexibility using in house plugins and themes.