Great plans for Jessie

Debian Jessie (Linux Debian 8.0) is coming out in a few days, and we have big plans to make it easy for you to try it out and use it, we have been distributing DVDs for a long time (For those with slow limited connections to the internet), now it is time for more, This time, we are not only distributing the installers on USB flash thumb drives (we will still deliver DVDs, but now you have more options), we are making it easier than ever to replace your laptop with a USB pen drive. Just download the image, dump it on your flash stick, and boot any computer from it, learn more here

Application development

At Buildcube we develop apps using many programming languages for many operating systems and platforms.

Most of our programming goes into back-ends developed using C under linux, but we are also capable of developing apps for many other platforms as well, Windows or linux, Mobile or desktop, We take pride in the complexity of our software ( for example is a very complex system that sorts expired domain names by the hundreds of millions for you from shortest to longest which contain a certain word, we do not know of any similar system anywhere else). The Polo Domains system uses a C back-end to employ complex algorithms to provide functionality not available in any database engine.

So if you have a project that you think is challenging, and you are looking for application developers that are up for your project, give us a call, your satisfaction is guaranteed.