Great plans for Jessie

Debian Jessie (Linux Debian 8.0) is coming out in a few days, and we have big plans to make it easy for you to try it out and use it, we have been distributing DVDs for a long time (For those with slow limited connections to the internet), now it is time for more, This time, we are not only distributing the installers on USB flash thumb drives (we will still deliver DVDs, but now you have more options), we are making it easier than ever to replace your laptop with a USB pen drive. Just download the image, dump it on your flash stick, and boot any computer from it, learn more here

About Us

BuildCube is a leading web development company serving hundreds of clients worldwide.
BuildCube is a provider of top of the line, high-tech, quality services that are reliable, advanced, and high standard.
BuildCube is a registered Jordanian company formerly known as MIDMAR.
Providing web development, application development, web hosting, and web promotion since may 15th 2005.

In it's 7+ years, BuildCube has developed websites and applications for Multi-million dollar companies, websites that made it to the ALEXA's top 1000 list, websites that exibit extraordinary program complexities, and much more.
BuildCube has in it's 7+ years served hundreds of unique clients.
BuildCube/MIDMAR has been a sponsor of many tech expos in Jordan.

Mission statement

  • Presence: BuildCube's main goal is to enable our client to make the best use of the internet and other communication technologies to add to their competitiveness, build their brand, and enhance their image
  • No compromise: Focusing on results while not compromising an entities image with questionable marketing techniques and metrhods.
  • Reliability: Making sure our services are as reliable as possible, because our client's business depends on them


BuildCube employs some of the most talented programmers, designers, promoters, webmasters to make your online presence a successful one.

A team of dedicated, motivated, and inteligent people that create products and services in use by hundreds of companies in Jordan and worldwide.