• Keep your business on your client's desktop

    Increase customer loyalty and keep your clients connected to your business with BuildCube's applications.
    Keep your customers notified no matter the platform they are using, applications for mobile and the PC.
  • BuildCube knows that good content should be presented in good looking packages.

    Detail is what separates good looking designs from great looking designs, BuildCube takes care of every little detail to make sure the design you use is inline with the quality you produce.
  • BuildCube understands how you want to represent and build your brand.

    Services such as Search Engine Optimization, online campaign management, affiliate systems, and many other online promotion methods are tailored for you to keep your brand and image the way you want them to be.
  • From idea to completion, BuildCube makes sure you end up with a web presence that gives you edge over your competition, serves your business needs, leaves an impact, and builds your brand.

    BuildCube has developed many high imapact, high traffic websites (See clients)

Shortly about us

BuildCube formerly known as MIDMAR has been operating in Jordan since 2005, serving hundreds of clients in Jordan and around the world.

BuildCube is an expert in creating scalible, robust, and high availability web solutions.

BuildCube has developed and managed websites that have been in the top 1000 websites in the world (accoring to alexa.com), has developed websites that are technically sophisticated from databases of one billion records (updated daily), and has created online libraries that exibit novel and uncommon relations and tools.

BuildCube is always looking for a new challenge, So call us up and see what we can do for your business.

Featured website

Jordan Sun is a business directory for Jordan, built around a system that allows for unconventional relations between entries and categories

Jordan Sun